Celebrated Ingredients:

Cocoa Butter


Weight: 5.5oz

Scent: Roses


Note: Keep bar dry in between usues. Avoid constant contact from shower water. 


What I'm made of:  Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Cocoa butter, Castori oil,  Distilled water, Food grade sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, colorant, and fragrance. 


The whiteness you see on top of the soap is called: Soda ash. Soda ash is natural reaction to the air during the curing stage of the soap. It's pretty cool to see happen as time progresses and it is a tattle tell way to see if the soap was naturally made. The soda ash and cracking gives this soap character and its own personal story. Plus, it cleans amazingly and smells like roses!!! 

The Tattered Rose

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