This whipped body butter is great for areas of the body that are prone to dryness. This includes elbows, knees, and hands. But don't stop there! You can put this all over your body if desired. 


It is best when applied to damp skin. The shea butter will help moisturize and lock in the moisture. This body butter was made with:


Shea Butter

Coconut Oil

Arrowroot Powder

Fragrance ( Gender Neutral/earthy) Trust me! It smells good. 

Optiphen ( Presevative) 


Amount: 2ounces


If you're wondering why I used a's because it is better to be safe than sorry! Eventhougn there is no water in this product, there is a high chance of contact with water... especially if your using it right after a bath or shower. 


Note: Keep out of direct sunlight and place jar in a cool area. 

Green House Body Butter

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