Hello everyone! My name is Lola and I am a California dreamer. I began soap making in 2018, just as I was ending my master's degree program. While in school, I was struggling to find a soap that made me feel clean while not highly drying out my skin. I searched for different brands and types of soaps, and most did not solve my issue.


I then decided to start making my own body soap from scratch, and have been using my own soap ever since. From my first batch in 2018, I've continued to create and learn more techniques and experience the incredible science that comes along with this artwork.  I have been encouraged by family and friends to share my soaps with the world, which has led to the creation of 'DreamOn Soaping.' I am still working to expand my products to include multiple skin types, age groups, families, gender, and diet-based users.

The uniqueness of my soaps comes from the fact that I do not recreate any of my batches. Even though common oils are used throughout my soaps, no batch is ever quite the same. Every batch of soap is made with care and will be the only one of its kind. So, get a bar when you see it! 


Keep Dreaming On

~ Lola